The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment

In a twisted social experiment, a group of 80 Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogata, Colombia and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the companys intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.

The Belko Experiment Details

Title The Belko Experiment
Air Date Mar 17, 2017
Runtime 88 Minutes
Networks Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), The Safran Company, The See,
Genres Action, Horror, Thriller,
Country United States of America,
Languages en,

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The Belko Experiment REVIEWS

  • Gory? Sure. Fun Gory? Meh..

    March 21st, 2017

    You know the story. Heads explode, people are stabbed, sliced, and shot. I'd rather see 'Final Destination' type creativity with this sub- genre. . It's decent enough to watch. Nothing to rush out and see right away, though.. Gore without creativity no longer amuses me. It once did. But I'm a grow ass man, now.. Please hit the "this review was not...

  • A movie that's been done 100 times, but passes the time adequately.

    September 12th, 2016

    Eighty American workers in Bogota get locked inside their office building and an announcement over the intercom gives them half an hour to kill any two of the employees. When they don't comply, the rules are amped up, and an American Battle Royale (down to the 'collars') ensues. . The Belko Experiment managed to accomplish the difficult feat of ne...

  • Fun at first, ultimately a waste of time...

    March 26th, 2017

    The set up for the movie had a somewhat interesting concept at its core: what do people do when they are trapped in a situation where the only way out is to kill others? Not a completely original idea, but it has some potential to be thought provoking if there is some kind of message it is trying to send, or some aspect of society it is trying to ...

  • Cheap mans battle royale

    June 16th, 2017

    One of the worst movies i've seen this year. The story is just ridiculous and the acting horrendous.. A bunch of employees go to work on a normal day, only things take a turn for the worse and the soon find out the whole building is on shut down, and they have to kill each other to survive. The company has put microchips in all the employees, and ...

  • A bloody good time.

    March 9th, 2017

    The Belko Experiment is a messed up film and it's wildly entertaining.. The Belko Experiment is an indie film that's essentially about a office building that gets shut down and the people inside are forced to kill each other.. Here's the good.. The story in this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat practically the whole run time of the movie. ...

  • Serviceable Film, But Could've Been Better

    March 22nd, 2017

    The strongest part of this film is its premise. It's really fantastic. There is so much possibility for this fun, satirical look at what people will do in certain situations. The film is really filled to the brim with brilliant possibilities. But for the most part, they remain just possibilities. I do think this is a really good script. However, I...

  • A near-ideal mix of gory kills and organic laughs

    September 11th, 2016

    The concept of director Greg McLean and producer/writer James Gunn's THE BELKO EXPERIMENT won't seem overly original to those who've seen BATTLE ROYALE or really any movie in which people are forced to hunt or kill folks they know and like, but in Gunn's hands it's a whole lot more fun: office workers for a Bogota-based non-profit are trapped in t...

  • Hypocritical and useless

    June 12th, 2017

    Let's get one thing out the way: this is horror for the masses, in the worst possible meaning of such definition. It's domesticated, neutered, lowest common denominator, watered down horror at its worst and, as such, is a bar lowerer for the whole genre.. With that said, here's a list of adjectives and definitions that passed through my mind while...

  • Battle Royale in an office, meh.

    April 19th, 2017

    This review of The Belo Experiment is spoiler free. *** (3/5). BEFORE HE CLEANED his writing for the family-friendly blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy (both volumes), writer-director James Gunn conducted the script to The Belko Experiment. A horror slasher/whodunit thriller. Both forming the two sides of Gunn, however before he had blockbusting ...

  • An Interesting Idea Executed In An Uninteresting Fashion

    June 12th, 2017

    Stuffed with characters you just don't give a damn about, and smearing the office floor with blood & corpses that keep on piling as plot progresses, The Belko Experiment teases with an interesting idea but it's executed in such an uninteresting fashion that it finishes as yet another forgettable example of its kind.. The Belko Experiment unfolds i...

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